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Curative: Documentary Video

Medium: Mixed Reality(MR), Documentary Video

Created by
Varnika Kundu
Jay Jeon
Luisa Charles

Technical Support
Sophia Sobers
Orin Dai
Ai Nakada

Exhibition Footage by
Marco Da Re
Kevin Lee

Curative is a mixed reality experience exploring computational creativity, authorship, and encoded accountability. Who is the author of AI generated artwork? And who owns the passive data people shed simply by engaging with the internet? Curative transports you to the atelier of an artificially intelligent artist, allowing you to co-create a piece of artwork that exists at
the intersections of the physical and digital worlds. The project was designed in Unity and viewable on the Magic Leap Headset. The narrative and video assets were made using premiere pro and 3d assets were made using Unity primitive builders and the asset store. We included spatial mapping technology to enhance the user experience and immerse them in the gardenscape designed as an AI artist’s studio.
The exhibition took place on December 11-12 at Mika, Bushwick.

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