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Bicycle Wheels

Medium: Sculpture

Materials: Bicycle wheel, bicycle fork, wooden stool, 27” monitor, monitor arm, PC, foam board

It is about the real and the virtual. These two worlds are not separate. In one way or another, they are interrelated and mixed. I appropriated Marcel Duchamp to talk about how our physical experiences are already mixed with virtual ones. He was the one who said that many ready-made objects could be art in themselves. He said, "I enjoyed watching the wheels spin, just as I enjoy looking at the flames dancing in the fireplace.” I inherited his ideas. Virtual worlds are what we design to augment our experiences. In front of my work, the viewers can spin a virtual bicycle wheel with their hands. The Kinect sensor recognizes up to six people and calculates the movements of their hands in real-time. The faster you move your hand, the faster the wheel spins. So, the physical and virtual worlds are connected.

Bicycle Wheels (3).png
Bicycle Wheels (2).png
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